Aya Gooin’ Down De Mont? Heart Going Boom, Boom, Boom (Guest Blog)

I’ve referred to guest blogger Glenn Williams many times in the Aya Gooin’ Down De Mont? blogs. Now it’s time to meet him in person. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Glenn grew up in Evington just a few streets away from me. We both went to the City of Leicester (then) Boys’ school before parting ways–me to Loughborough University before heading to the US, and he for a short time working for Marconi Radar in Leicester before moving to London, then Melbourne, Australia and finally Tokyo, where he has lived and worked for the last fifteen years. But our friendship has transcended geography and endured for more than forty years.

There is no question that Glenn’s experiences watching shows at the De Montfort Hall shaped his later life. In London, he worked for numerous bands, including Girlschool, Asia and Rock Goddess; in Melbourne, he spent a decade working for a music supply company, importing and distributing musical instruments throughout the country. And in Tokyo, he continues to work with bands on their Japanese tours, either as a tour manager, a promoter, a record company head or, most recently, a journalist.

This is Glenn’s story of the February 24, 1980 Peter Gabriel show. What I love about it is how it perfectly describes the magic of gig day, from the impatience of having to endure the daily routine through to the ritual pre-gig pint and the building anticipation and, finally, that amazing moment when one of your heroes steps into the spotlight for the first time. I also love how Glenn captures the way shows at the De Mont took us out of our humdrum existence at school, or in this case, work, and transported us to another world.

I should note, in the interest of accuracy, that the Gabriel show took place on a Sunday evening. But that doesn’t change the spirit of the piece, or the memories of the actual show itself.

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