Semper Currens VIII: The Best Laid Plans

Week Seven Training Wrap-Up

It was bound to happen. After two successful weeks following the Hanson’s program to a T, this week I missed my weekly mileage target in a big way. It was partly a conscious choice: I decided to forgo my gentle workout on Monday to rest up, which is not awful in the grand scheme of things providing I don’t do it too often. But I was also forced to sit out my Thursday night speed workout due to a weather forecast of torrential rain and thunderstorms that ended up looking worse on radar than they did in reality. As my routes are pretty exposed, I decided it was just too risky to attempt a run that night. That’s one I won’t get back.

Wednesday night’s gentle run also added to the general despair, as my body once again melted in the heat and humidity. Thankfully, a gorgeous run on Saturday, under ideal conditions and on a new route (the Genesee Riverway Trail south of Charlotte) restored my faith and paved the way for my first sixteen-mile long run of the program on Sunday. Once again, I had to fight the heat, but slow and steady won the day, even though I ended up over eight miles down on the week.

The Week Ahead

Hard to believe, but the end of this week will mark the halfway point in the program. It also marks the beginning of a month-long period where life will do its best to get in the way of training. Taking my son back to college, taking my daughter to a concert in Buffalo, Labor Day weekend, taking Tessa to surgery in Philadelphia … everything all seems to be happening all at once. And lest I forget, we’re now starting to lose daylight, which will severely impact the long, hard workouts in the evenings to come. Which leads to this week’s

Feature o’ the Week: When life gets in the way.

The author’s of the Hanson’s program acknowledge that we mortals cannot dedicate our whole lives to training. Work, family and other commitments, even acts of God as Thursday night’s debacle showed, will take priority at various times. And while I try to be as organized as I can, sometimes I have to throw my hands up and admit defeat.

When that happens, the program stresses consistency as much as possible. We should continue alternating hard/long workouts with shorter, gentle workouts regardless, and never run two hard/long workouts on consecutive days to try and make up for missed workouts. If one workout has to be missed, so be it, but the authors also suggest “something is better than nothing.” So scaling back the mileage on a run to help the time crunch is another alternative.

In the end, one bad week, like one bad run, won’t derail the whole program. Fitness levels aren’t going to be affected too much by missing a mileage goal here and there, and this far out, there is still time to make up losses with a little hard work in the weeks to come.

Team Fox Update

If you’ve been reading Semper Currens regularly, or if you’ve found anything here of use, go to my fundraising page and make a donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation and help eliminate Parkinson’s!

How are you dealing with scheduling your program? If you can’t fit everything in, what do you leave out? Leave a comment here, and I’ll feature it in the next Semper Currens.

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