Spreading the News: 2017 New York Marathon Training, Week 13

The Four Stages of Marathon Training:

Stage 1) I’m really doing this!

Stage 2) I suppose I’d better do this.

Stage 3) Do I really have to do this?

Stage 4) Time to finish this.

I’m such a worrywart.

Turns out my long-run concerns from a couple of weeks ago were completely unfounded. My final long run of the program went far better than I dared hope, right down to the simulation of the strategy I plan on using on the big day.

This time, I ran the same 16-mile route I had previously run for my first two long runs, adding on a four-mile loop around the neighborhood to round out a full 20.

Amazingly, the split times from the first time I ran the route to yesterday were almost identical — in fact, I ran miles three, five, and eight at exactly the same pace in both runs. If anything, I was just a hair faster yesterday over the first eight miles but a little slower over the second eight.

The main difference this time around, of course, was that I ran four more miles yesterday. But they were miles where I ran the fastest mile splits of either run, even going as fast as 8:40 over the last mile. Physically and mentally, I was as strong yesterday as I have been all year — at no point did I bonk or engage in any negative self talk.

The strategy of a slower-than-normal start and gradual speeding up has worked very well in training. More, the consistency shown over the two runs gives me great hope that I will be able to replicate the performance on the day if — and this is a big if — I can stay focused and not get carried away by the occasion.

For now, though, the battles have been won. It’s

Bruce: 4 – Long Runs: 1

and time to end the war. It’s time to finish this.

Three weeks to go. Twenty days, to be exact. A couple of weeks of lower-intensity workouts, then the maranoia-inducing taper week, and then … who knows?

FUNDRAISER UPDATE: Spread the news — we’re on our way! This week, a number of good friends stepped up, and the ER&D fundraiser got a huge boost. But we still have a way to go to achieve our goal. So, please join Team Love Nugget and be a part of this momentous New York City Marathon run!

Here are three easy things you can do:

  • Support: Follow me and send me encouraging notes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or right here as I train and prepare for the big event.
  • Share: Forward my social media or Vagabond Shoes posts to your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else you think might be interested.
  • Sponsor: Please consider giving to my ER&D fundraiser by going to my page: https://my.episcopalrelief.org/brucepegg. In true ER&D style, we can all make a big difference one small donation at a time. So give what is in your heart — your whole bank account, some change from your piggy bank, or (preferably) something in between — and let’s make this Fifth of November something to truly remember.

The adventure continues! Send me your thoughts and I’ll feature them in the next Vagabond Shoes.

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I write about running, music and spirituality.
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